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Hike with me ...

Discover, experience and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and nature

Alpine flowers

Hiking is healthy, strengthens the heart and circulation, promotes the immune system, supports fat metabolism and is good for body and mind. It keeps you young, makes you fit, helps against stress, increases satisfaction, is therapy, variety and enjoyment. A natural and environmentally friendly way to exercise.

Whether yellow (easy hiking, T1), white-red-white (mountain hiking, T2-T3) or white-blue-white (alpine hiking, T4) marked, pathless or over snow (WT1-WT3), I will guide you safely to your destination and back. You can rely on an experienced, qualified hiking guide.

Whether it's summit successes, sunrises and sunsets, moonlight, sparkling water, lake reflections, high mountains, deep valleys, long-distance hikes, flora and fauna, mountain huts, mountain passes, fresh air, breathtaking views, every hike with me becomes an unforgettable and unique experience.

Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, there are interesting walks in every season and plenty to discover and marvel at the beauty of our world.

Whether in Zermatt, around the Matterhorn, in the Valais, in German-speaking Switzerland, in French-speaking Switzerland, near the border, all over the world, there are many fascinating and new places to marvel at everywhere.

Take time out, enter another world and consciously perceive our beautiful, varied nature!

Alpine chough Dandelion Rock

Whether young or old, child, youth, retired or in the prime of life, sporty or leisurely, challenging or relaxing, enjoyment or performance, there are hikes suitable for everyone.

Whether for individuals, families, schools or groups, I will be happy to put together an individual and customised hiking and leisure programme for you according to your needs. You are welcome to contact me without obligation.

My philosophy: Get to know nature, respect it, appreciate it, admire it and let it have an effect on you. Let yourself be delighted, inspired and fascinated!

My world is nature and the mountains.